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LAVA HOUSE Performing Arts is based in New York City.

We create new, explosive & over the roof art.

Our goal is to bring together artists from all around the world who wouldn't be able to connect and work together in any other way.

Our biggest strength is our passion for finding new talent ANYWHERE & giving them a place to exploit their creativity.  


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María Renée Lavalle

Artistic Director & Founder of Lava House Performing Arts

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I’ve always wanted to be part of a performing arts company where its core values really resembled mine.


The importance of showcasing diversity in all its true colors without having to use it as a slogan, without covering any agenda. Where no name is too big or too small to fit in.

Where we can freely speak & create & discuss without

“the man’s” approval.


We are just our beautiful, individual selves sharing our art.


Just like our members and collaborators, LAVA HOUSE represents what innovation, passion and thrive is.


I hope you have found what I was looking for here, and that you feel welcome and free to call us your House.

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